Teaming up with the best specialist in Europe in transport, energy & environment


We advise and support clients through our consolidated expertise in EU, national and multilateral funding and investment financing. Through our extensive experience of project structuring, funding and management, we ensure that tasks are successfully implemented by our team and that expected outputs and results are met.

Lubna supports clients during all stages of the project cycle with a continuous focus on quality, organization and control . Our main reference sectors are infrastructure, tourism, transport & mobility, energy and environment. We focus on innovation with a view on ensuring that benefits are shared among multiple beneficiaries.In our careers we have generated, managed and advised on projects for a value exceeding 2 billion euro.

What drives us
Our careers have developed within EU institutions, Banks, Development Agencies, and engineering and consulting companies. We have worked for the European Commission, supranational donors, Governments, multi.-lateral banks, small companies as well as large corporates.

We have now the common aspiration of doing things wisely and choose the right people for qualified and community impacting projects.

Company Structure
LUBNA is based in Treviso, Italy. Its Managing Director Francesco Pareti has gained his expertise over the past 25 years working within Auditing, Banking, Trade financing, European Funding, and investment Financing sectors as associate to a Fiscal Advisor firm, Area Manager of a primary Italian Bank, CFO at an EU-Agency and Director of a public body specialised on procuring and promoting EU funding and projects.

Lubna has an extensive network of relationship with advisory firms, professionals, EU bodies, banks and investment funds. It is able to mobilise high level resources for specific assignments with a focus on medium-large projects.